the guild of builders and contractors 


The Guild of Builders and Contractors was formed in 1992 by 14 builders. Their aim was to create a Guild consisting of reputable firms and individuals actively involved in the building industry who were experienced, knowledgeable and traded with integrity. They also wished to provide appropriate services to members and ensure that the costs of membership were, and remained, considerably less than other trade organizations. 
Corporate Member. Corporate membership is open to builders, specialist contractors, construction consultants, builders' merchants and building component suppliers. Corporate members may use the membership badge or logo on their stationery, sign-boards, vehicles and other promotional or advertising material. 
Personal Member. Personal membership is open to individuals who are actively engaged in the building industry 
Firms and individuals are invited to apply for membership. All applicants are required to complete an application form and provide references. References are always taken up and applicants are only granted membership where the comments made by the referee indicate knowledge, competence and integrity. 
Membership Application Forms can be downloaded from pages on this Web Site and sent through the post. They can also be requested from this Web Site or by telephone, fax or e-mail. To see current membership joining fees and annual subscriptions details click here. 
The Guild of Builders and Contractors are vigilant in following up complaints about existing members and there is an established complaints procedure. Membership of the Guild of Builders and Contractors can be terminated by the Guild if a member conducts business improperly or dishonorably or in a way which is prejudicial to the interests of other members of the Guild or the building industry generally. 


To maintain a membership of firms and individuals who are actively involved in the building industry, are experienced and knowledgeable and trade with integrity. 
To promote and protect the interests of the building industry and in particular those of the Members. 
To provide for the formation and exchange of views on all matters connected with the conduct of the building industry. 
To represent, express and give effect to the opinions of all Members. 
To encourage the continual improvement of construction methods and standards. 
To promote the professional expertise and integrity of Personal and Corporate Members. 
To collect and circulate commercial statistics and information of all kinds to Members. 
To promote or oppose Bills in parliament or other measures affecting Members, 

CODE OF CONDUCT – corporate and personal members 


1. The code has been drawn up to provide the minimum standards to be maintained by all Members 
2. All Members shall observe the Code in so far as it applies. 
3. Members are required to have signed an undertaking that they have received a copy of this Code of Conduct as a condition of Membership. 
4. Changes to the Code will be issued from time to time. 
Duties and Requirements 
5. All members shall observe the following duties and requirements: 
I. Comply with the law. 
This requirement involves working in accordance with any relevant statutory requirements which may apply to the work undertaken by the Member. 
II. Work in a competent and responsible manner. 
Work must be carried out to comply with Relevant Standards. This involves the Member being confident of his ability to do the work. The Member shall act in a courteous manner and respect the privacy and property of the Client. 
III. Have particular regard to matters or health and safety. 
Members must ensure that work is carried out with due care to avoid causing danger and unreasonable nuisance. 
IV. Provide Clients with clear information about services offered. 
Clients must be clear about the nature and extent of the services that will be provided. Assurances must be given about the workmanship, materials (which must be fit for purpose) and appearance involved prior to the commencement of any work. This should involve providing the Client with a written Contract. 
VII. Maintain skills and knowledge. 
Members must keep up to date with changes in building practices appropriate to the services they offer. 
VIII. Be responsible for the actions of the Member's own subcontractors, sub-consultants, advisers and agents. 
Members must accept responsibility for the actions of their subcontractors, sub-consultants, advisers and agents. 
IX. Seek to ensure Client satisfaction through the provision of a clear method for handling Client complaints. 
Members must provide a clear method for considering customer complaints and, where appropriate, offering redress. Complaints should be dealt with promptly and within a clearly understood timescale. Members shall inform Clients of their right to seek redress from the Guild of Builders and Contractors. 
X. Uphold the standing of the Guild of Builders and Contractors. 
All Members must seek to uphold the standing of the Guild of Builders and Contractors with a view to enhancing its support from Clients and the public generally. 
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